Beelink GT1 Ultimate Android 7.1 TV box review


                                                   Image credits Beelink

There are lot of many TV boxes available in market today and to choose the right one is quiet confusing. So I studied lot of many TV Boxes and searched for hours as I wanted to get one for me and finally I can recommend you this product. Why Android Box ? Answer is simple first lets compare some of the other products. You can buy Google Chrome Cast but in that you will be limited to just streaming the content form your smart phone to TV and no app store and customization is possible there. Amazon fire stick is also one to be considered but it has its own limitations. First generation TV sticks were slow sluggish and doughy. Media players like Asus o-play series were quiet popular but not after Android boxes so, according to me putting your money in Android TV box is the right way to go. Also 80% of world over devices are running android and you are familiar with the UI and interface except some of the skins slapped on to the devices by manufacturers. 

Coming onto the review following are some of the technical specifications of this box:

                                                                Image credits Beelink

So looking at  the specifications it is quiet evident that the box is having enough grunt and computing power to crunch large 4K media files with an ease. The box has to be connected to TV with HDMI connector. It has one SPDIF, Two USB ports, One Micro SD card slot, One gigabit LAN port and a power port on the box. 

After connecting the box with my TV I passed it through the series of tests and I came out with final conclusion. What all I did and how did the box performed if you are interested in video description do take a look at following you tube video.

So finally coming on to the verdict following diagram briefs up all

Hope this review was helpful to you. Do comment and feel free to ask me any questions about the review.

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