Welcome to detailed review of sonoff ifan02, IOT capable switch which can control your dumb fan and one light, may light be integrated in fan or discrete. So here's the review of this device.

The package is somewhat like this (one connector and two pin are not included in box that's been added by me for test purpose.)
The switch or device is packed in white cardboard box shown in picture above. Box contains one high quality plastic device with two antennas and input out put wires for connection with good wire gauge and are tinned well to make good connection. Two antennas shown in picture above are both for two separate purposes 1) For connection to Wi-Fi home network and then on to internet for IOT capability. 2) 2.4 Ghz remote control to control light and fan speed without using phone app locally.

Features of this switch are as below :

Remote ON/OFF–Turn on/off the fan and light from anywhere

Control Fan Speed–Change the fan speed level: 1/2/3/Smart
Adjust the color of light, supports : white/warm white/warm
App Support –Free iOS and Android mobile App eWeLink
Sync Status–Real-time device status is provided via App.
Set scheduled/countdown to turn on/off at a specified time fan only.
Share Control– Control your smart home together with your family
Turn on/off a gang of devices with one tap in app or make it a part of scene
Smart ,Triggered on/off the fan or light by environmental conditions from sensor
Compatible with with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Nest

Technical Specifications

Power supply: 90V~250V AC(50/60Hz)
Max. Load: Fan- 250V, 2A, 500W; Light- 250V, 5A, 1250W
Wireless standard:802.11.b/g/n 2.4G WiFi
Encryption: WEP/TKIP/AES
Security Mechanism: WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK
Enclosure material: PC V0
iFan02 Size: 116*55*26 (mm)
RF Remote radio frequency: 2.4G

Making connections:

There are three different ways to connect this device according to your house wiring and i have prepared diagram just to help you out in case you wish to wire it your self. So check this three wiring methods of this switch as below:

1)light integrated with fan with three wires

2)Light integrated with fan with four wires
3)Light and Fan are both discrete in house.

Now i have used this switch and i will conclude my final verdict on this as below:
Probably the only IOT enabled fan dimmer and along with light control. 
I don't know the smart mode of fan on switch on application and itead have not mentioned about this anywhere.Functions for fan are good and as you could expect.Range of RF remote is pretty good. Can work with remote even during failure of internet connection to control it from App. quality of remote could have been better. Switch beeps loud for actions. Beep can be muted kudos for that its a smart little idea that can appeal lot of people.Rugged ABS plastic body of switch and it feels quiet heavy and robust.Dimming control of light as well with fan could have been an advantage. Switch turns the light on by its own after supply failure restores means it switched light on by its on which is a kind of bummer as of now and will be fixed by future software update by itead. Scheduling of light along with fan could have been an added advantage.

All in all this is really a good product and app support for the switch is also very good.Hope that itead fixes that light turning on after supply failure restoration soon.

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Do comment here of what do you think about this product and how did you find this review helpful.

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