DIY electric screw driver

Electric screw drivers are not new any more but seriously speaking I wanted to make one since I was in school. At that time I was using hand cranked manual drill to make holes in PCBs I use to make at home. Since then it was on my mind that how fancy it would be to screw unscrew and tighten and loosen nut-bolts if i had this rotary power converted to do aforesaid tasks. At that time electric drills were available but none of electric drills with variable speed screw unscrew things were present in market. And point of having cordless drills were out of question as the battery technology and motors were not that powerful. 

                                            Completed Screw Driver looks as above 

I have placed the image of finished product as above. As I mentioned earlier I had an idea of doing so since childhood days. Finally I got my hands on to 25MM Geared motor which can easily run at about 6 to 12 Volts so the search of driving force was over. Source of power was easy and readily available at my disposal as I am RC pilot and I have had couple of lithium polymer batteries lying with me. Now that only thing that was to be done was to find an enclosure for drive motor, a shaft coupler  and a donar screw driver for taking its bit holder apart fixing to motor with coupler and hex bits to make this project into a working screwdriver.

So to my closest vision for screwdriver body shell was to use PVC pipes and with end caps to hold motor in place and house a battery and switching mechanism to forward and reverse the screwdriver; and a push switch to screw unscrew the same. So I carefully marked motor mounting holes on one of the end cap and fixed motor at one end cap. Then I arranged and marked switch layout for direction and cut a square hole on PVC pipe to make it slide nice and snug. I then drilled a hole in the top end cap to place push switch to make a momentary contact while screwing and unscrewing. Then once everything was in place and wired up accordingly, I tested it and the end result of screwing and unscrewing was amazing using 12v Lipo battery. 

I have filmed a complete process of making this amazing device at home on my youtube channel and link of that is as below.

Hope that you enjoyed watching this screwdriver in action and if you have any questions and wish to make one of this by your own and looking for any help do feel free to contact me and also do comment me about your views.

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