Bluedio T6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

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Bluedio T6 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone Review

Unboxing and Initial Impressions of Bluedio T6
I bought this headphone seeing the killer looks and Bluedio's reputation of T4, T5 and now this Bluedio T6.
Unboxing experience was pretty decent I was amazed with the touch and feel of headphone. Also the packaging in which it came in was intact due to massive air filled fingers wrapping around the headphone retail box. I got this headphone on Aliexpress on brand sale for about 33 USD. Till then the things were were much fine.

Lets first take a quick look at specification of this product:

Brand Name:Bluedio
Function:For Mobile Phone,HiFi Headphone,For iPod,Sport
Wireless Type:Bluetooth
Active Noise-Cancellation:Yes
Support Memory Card:No
Plug Type:Line Type
Is wireless:Yes
Support APP:No
With Microphone:Yes
Support Apt-x:No
Model Number:T6
Connectors:Type c
Volume Control:Yes
Line Length:1.5M
Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
Frequency Response Range:15-25000Hz
Control Button:Yes
Bluetooth music/talk time :About 25 hours
Pure ANC time:About 28 hours
Standby time :About 1000 hours
Market to sell:2018
Bluetooth version:4.2
Charging time:About 1.5-2 hours for full charge
Driver unit:57mm

Review ,test and conclusion of Bluedio T6

The headphone has only two switches one is power on/off press and hold button and one slider switch for ANC that is active noise cancellation. If you don't know what active noise cancellation is then i will just brief you up, In ANC there are one or two or and array of sensitive microphones other than one for handling calls on Bluetooth headphone. These microphones pick up ambient sound and infuse white noise in same drivers or headphone speakers from where in you are listening to music. Now if you are still confused with white noise then let brief you guys on that as well, As array of microphone picks up ambient noise then that noise signal is amplified with same micro amplifier powering your headpone drivers but that is signal is 180 degrees out of phase then that of ambient noise and hence it cancels the noise and it becomes like you are hearing nothing. Hope you got that Jazz of how ANC works.Also as said earlier there are no buttons on it to change your volume and tracks and so you need to take out your phone to increase the volume ( ha ha ha that you wont need to do why I am laughing saying this you will come to know in a while) or if you just wanna skip the track you need to pull out your device and do that.

All right now coming on to performance of this device, I connected to my Honor 8 Pro and I played some tracks and I pumped up the volume and the damn it felt as if your Bluetooth volume rocker switch was stucked and you cant increase the volume. So i pulled out my old Galaxy S4 and the result was same. That phone even had root access so i tried to tweak around using Viper Fx application to tweak volume but difference was marginal. So then I tried phone after phone and every possible phone i had at my disposal to pair and test out with T6. Sadly the result was same. So now i hope when i told you that you wont need to adjust that volume that it is so low that you cant decrease further. This was really a big disaster and my review on you tube ( will leave a link below) was very early and then on as of today's date I came to know that what I experienced was absolutely wide spread on the net every where and there's hue n cry for this device among the buyers those who have bought one and many willing to buy one have stayed away.  

Now coming on to ANC functionality it is really a final nail to the coffin of this device.It washes away all the depth and quality of sound from music once you switch on ANC and it really seems to be a low may be band pass filter as it cuts of bass and treble both.People had really high hopes from Bluedio for this headphone but regardless to say all those expectations failed miserably. As mentioned in my tube review to i would like to mention that I have no personal disregards to the company but what i have mentioned in my review is my personal opinion and honest review. 

People are asking me that are we stucked with low volume good looking headphone then as of now yes. I have also heard that iPhone 7 and above this device provides same Bluedio quality and enough ear shattering effect but I have personally not tested it so i cant comment on that. Also there is not 3.5 mm to USB type-C connector to use this headphone as wired headphones and I don't know that Bluedio have had kept that wiring alive inside of the headphone or not is not known. But on site it mentions wired connectivity so hopefully it might would be having that feature to listen to wired mode alive. I feel if i could have had that connector may be some sound enhancement could be achieved and probably some higher volume but that is not the solution as this headphone is not meant for that.

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