Drones for human Rescue in Australia

Its quite a bit of time that we all are hearing about drones use for search and rescue mission. Australia has done it by deployment of rescue drone for its beach goers as there is a huge rise in incidents of shark attacks on humans at Australian beaches. Australia has thousands of miles of coastal areas and to guard the safety of country's beach goers and tourists; Australia deployed a human rescue and subservience drone as one in the picture you can see. This drone keeps an active watch over sharks for human populated beaches of Australia. The idea itself seems fascinating that machines are taking care of humans developed by humans.

Little ripper in action spotting sharks

Little ripper is a altered and customized version of military grade Vapor 55 drone. The drone has been equipped with state of art camera and sensors for the purpose.The battery-powered, AU$250,000 (US$178,500) drone streams live footage back to the ground, and according to The Daily Telegraph can fly for 150 minutes at a time and up to 100 km (62 mi) away.

This vision will combine with pattern-recognition software that is currently under development, to provide emergency and lifeguard services with the ability to spot sharks in real time. It could also enable sharks to be detected at night through infrared technology.

More so on identifying imminent threats, the Little Ripper is also designed to serve as a rescue drone. Each will carry life-saving pods packed with defibrillators, flotation devices, shark repellent and survival kits that can be dropped off to people in danger.

The Little Ripper will first be deployed on the State's northern beaches at Newcastle, Hawks Nest and Byron Bay, in a collaborative trial with Australian bank Westpac. If it proves a success, the drone may then come to be used at other sites and in other emergency scenarios, such as in rivers, lakes, snow and bushy lands.

Just to have a fair bit of idea of Little Ripper's size

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