ET-125 Custom RC Quadcopter Build Giant Whoop DIY

Build Custom ET-125 
A very very popular model form 
Kingkong RC or now renamed as LDARC

This was a very interesting build of custom 125 mm quadcopter from King kong R/C or now rebranded as LDARC. 
List of parts in this build are as listed below:
1) King Kong flight tower with two layers 

      20x20mm 2 Layer KK Flytower 20A BLheli_S. This is really very easy and simple as you don't have to manually make connections in this flight tower for motors. Lower board is esc and upper board is flight controller and once you place flight controller on to esc board there is a stack of pins which make motor connections. You just need solder motor wires cam-vtx module and receiver and battery terminals to esc simple right ...!!!

2) King Kong RC frame kit from Banggood 
    The kit comes in nice protected cardboard box pack with all the accessories that you will need.
3) Camera VTX-Combo 25mW
     This too comes in packed in a nice plastic box and you will need to cut video out yellow wire to enable osd from flight controller to be displayed in your FPV goggles. 
4) Motors SunnySky 1104 7500Kv
    These are a gem of the motors very robust takes quite an amount of beating and abuse I have had two sets operational in two different quads and not a single motor had failed till now.
5) Receiver Frsky XM 16 channel SBUS
     Nothing much to be talked around for this receiver as this is pretty much standard running on frsky protocol and can be paired with your Taranis.
  Now coming on the actual Build I have in-depth uploaded a video on youtube in my channels name Tech Tube 360. Do take a look and check that out. Reason for building custom 125 was that BNF version does not come with OSD feature more so if you wanna run this quadcopter on 3s it will but the 4s battery will be being somewhat brutal to this small motors rest of the components can take that beating. This frame has very strong and rugged prop guard that will help you learn to fly without needing to replace the props and also this is fun for even intermediate to pro pilots as well as this could even fight the strong wind and stay stable and can perform decent acro. Also, parts used and as especially motors are very efficient and on 2s 450 mAh battery this will give you a flight time in excess of 6 minutes and this is really very good for the quad this size.

I have put a video of the entire build here below or alternatively, you can watch my youtube channel tech tube 360 for more interesting projects.

The complete build weighs just under 100 grams so that is incredibly light quad to fly with. If you wish to build one by your own you can follow my video on youtube and can build one for your own. Believe me flying this little monster all across the house and in the park and passing through small gaps is too much fun. 

Wish you all a very happy flying stay connected for more tech stuff.

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