Pocophone f1


Should you buy Pocophone f1 ? 

Lets find out in this article:

Here's the phone to rattle the competition of value top notch specification and mid range smart phone market in India. This phone is really going to heat up the competition. Mi was felt like it was loosing the ground in Indian market with its Chinese counterparts. But I can tell you that this phone alone is enough to regain that lost ground for Mi in India. Xiaomi was the pioneer in Indian market to bring in the concept of value durable Android smart phone at rock bottom prices with top notch specifications. With the launch of this Poco sub brand Xiaomi has upped the game which it started its entry with setting the benchmarks. As rightly its said the Chinese Apple in China and as most of the Chinese brands are inspired from. One plus is doing extremely well in Indian market pushing Samsung behind in terms of sales. All that limelight was more stolen away by likes of Oppo Vivo and many more having their bit of a share to steal away all that ground which once belonged entirely to Xiaomi.

But Xiaomi is back again in the game by Poco F1 launch with a bang and its going to make ripples here in domestic market and world across. Xioami is not going to sell this phone to US markets as of now as far as I know.

Now lets take a look at some of the specification of Pocophone F1

Supports H.265 / HEVC (Main profile), H.264 (Baseline/Main/High profile),
MPEG4 (Simple profile / ASP) and other video formats. 

Supports audio formats such as PCM, AAC/ AAC +/ eAAC +,MP3, AMR-NB and 

 WB, FLAC, WAV.   
Package Contents       
POCO F1 / Power adapter / USB cable / SIM eject tool / Warranty card /
User guide / Clear soft case

Now After looking at massive specification of Pocophone F1 it is clear that 
this is going to disrupt the market and this phone is made in India for India
specific market in mind. The phone does have LCD screen and if you are
used to super bright Amoled panels then viewing angles at extreme 
may feel washed else then this there is nothing much to complain about 
in this phone.

lets talk plus of the pocophone F1
Massive battery life

Impressive design

Top notch processor
Highest variant sports 256 Gb of memory along with 8 Gigs of Ram 
Uses Kevlar back panel unlike recent days trend of using glass and metal.
Prices start at around 20000 INR for 6 gigs and 64 Gb storage variant 
highest spec phone priced under 30K INR. 
Uses liquid cooling as claimed by company and it seems that it helps in 
running the phone cooler while playing massive graphic intensive games.
No lag what so ever you throw at it. Undercuts the competition with a fair 
margin of price difference.

This is it .....its going to Rock ...

Do share in your comments below and do let me know your views and I am
bit over descriptive in putting up all the specifications of pocophone F1
but seriously I am bit too excited with this monstrous pocophone F1 and
all specs at once helps many so do forgive me for that ....

Catch you later in next article .....till then bye and take very good care of
your self..

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