iPhone XS and XS MAX eSIM technology what is it all about

e-SIM oh yet another SIM ? what this stuff is all about ? and this is topic of discussion as iPhone XS and XS max  have this e-SIM which is a buzz in market as always Apple remains in lime light during any of its launch and releases. So the question wiggling your head that what this e-SIM stands for and what this tech is all about ? Is this a new feature of iPhone XS and iPhone XS MAX ? No not actually. Let me explain it to you. This e SIM cannot be called a special feature but in a manner yes as it was first launched in apple watch 3 now in iPhone XS and XS MAX . At the time of Apple watch 3 even the tech was new but unfortunately no one did noticed that thing. I did knew that this is once going to be main stream.

All right now let me first let you know that we all know about SIM cards Right ? Technically speaking its called Subscriber Identity Module. Where in all the details of our plans our mobile number and authentication to our carrier etc. etc. is stored. We just get a sim card pop it in to our mobile phone and you are done. 

Over the period of time the SIM cards started to got smaller and smaller and now with e-SIM it will vanish. So I hope you have got the idea of what and e-SIM is all about. So its basically a SIM module integrated into the hardware of your device and it will function same as conventional sim card does. The only difference is that the integrated SIM will not have to be replaced once you move from operator to operator and that's the real gain and fun of e-SIM. Also this is  not it, there are other advantages of e-SIM as well. Like you can have multiple operator profiles stored in e-SIM so that you can avail and enjoy cheapest services of all operators in one sim, all you need to do is just an profile of operator of  your choice to be installed and you are good to go.the new SIM technology that’s designed to make it easier to switch network, or switch between personal and business numbers. Also the change of profile and stuff like that will be over the air. So forget to go to shop and buy a sim card and then physically pop your sim tray out insert the sim and then you will get registered to network and finally you will be able to make first call or use that operator's telecom services.

So the devices like iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max already have that functionality built in to it so like wise you can say as a feature and soon in years to come all smart phones will not be carrying any sim trays any sim ejector tool and stuff like that; as there wont be a need to do so with the invent of e-SIM modules built inside of your devices. Also I forgot to mention that Apple watch three sported e-SIM module since its launch the recent one Apple watch 4 also does have one. Google Pixel 2 and recently released iPad too sports the same e-SIM technology. So at the time of this article we can name handful of devices but soon in years to come this is all going  to change and physical sim cards will be a thing of past.

I hope that now you clearly got what an e-SIM stuff is all about. Do give me you feedback and your comment are most welcome.

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