Samsung Galaxy A9 With Four Cameras Launched

Samsung Galaxy A9 With Four Cameras Launched

Phone cameras have been improving day by day. Just a few days back Samsung announced Galaxy A7 with three cameras and now Samsung Galaxy A9 with four cameras. I mean what is this? Look at that; mind = blown !!!! 
Back in the days' phone cameras were very laggy and dodgy, but now manufacturers are stretching the envelope farther and farther and closing the gap between professional cameras and phone cameras. And as said the best camera is always that's one in your pocket.

Initial Impression Of Device

I am still in the event of shock by this announcement as this is really incredible. The device looks gorgeous too. I mean I am personally thinking to buy one. Maybe you readers can feel my excitement form the words I am putting here. Let's take a look at some of the images of the phone.
Stunning Looking Samsung Galaxy A9 with four Cameras ( Image Credits Samsung )
Did you see that? Isn't my excitement justified by these images of this big Daddy of Camera Phones?

Functions of All Four Cameras and Specifications

Let's see how all sensors are aligned and what are the specifics of these four sensors?

Above image showing four Sensor specifics and its purposes ( Image credits Samsung )
We can see all four sensors aligned vertically across the length of the phone. All phone sensors work in tandem summing up to a total of whopping 47 Mega Pix.
The details of all of the sensor and specs and their purpose to include all of these in Samsung Galaxy A9 is very evident from the image above. Also square with a rounded edged fingerprint sensor is visible in the image. Also at the bottom of the camera array, there is an LED flash.

Design and Looks

Design and Looks of this phone is stunning and its really well balanced ( Image Credits Samsung)
Samsung A9 looks stunning at first glance, and nowadays the trend of color grading seen on the phones is also visible in above pictures. Personally, I don't like notches on screen and thankfully the above one does not have one.
For those notch lovers, this is one drawback. The design looks very premium. The array of four camera sensors at the back side too looks great.

Technical Specifications

Apart from this four-camera array, the phone is equipped with a fairly typical set of mid-range internals, like a Snapdragon 660 processor clubbed with 6GB of RAM and powered by a 3,800mAh battery.
The device has onboard 128GB of internal memory, a microSD card slot that supports up to 512GB of external memory. A dedicated memory slot in the tray along with dual nano sims. A9 also has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The screen is a 6.3-inch Full HD+ panel, with a resolution of 2220 x 1080.

Samsung's Strategy

Samsung has now shifted the focus of throwing groundbreaking technology and features in flagships to more of mid ranged phones. The reason for the shift in focus was published by Gartner in May, and t launch of A9 is in line with the company's strategy.
The company's strategy shift is owing to stiff competition from Chinese phones; having all those jazz-like in screen fingerprint scanner and all those exciting stuff at mid-ranged segment prices. So some of these techs aren't a part of flagships; are available in lower or mid-range Chinese phones.
Furthermore, ever-increasing prices of flagships make it difficult for people to upgrade to next flagship; for almost no to very incremental changes. To throw in groundbreaking features in flagships, includes a lot of research and development costs, hence higher costs of flagships; thus making it commercially unviable compared to lot many Chinese options. 
Pricing and Availability
Finally, the pricing of this device is going to be in the upper midrange bracket; expected to be launched with a price tag of about 725 USD. which translates to 54000/- INR. Hence, this seems to be much pricy in India, but maybe it's global pricing. Pricing in India will be under 40K, to pitch the device in midrange price bracket. Samsung Galaxy A9 is slated to be launched in India around November 2018.
Hope this is really going to change things dramatically, let's wait and watch for its release and find out how it performs in real life scenario. I am eagerly waiting for this release.

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