DIY Dynamic Desk Lamp


This is very easy to make a project. The end result comes out very satisfying. It took just a handful of things to make this dynamic desk lamp. The reason why I say  dynamic is that along with RGB color changing is because it is having the bubbling water effect along with lamp which adds to the dynamism of the lamp making it much lively and soothing to look at; it kind of makes the place as happening one even though you are all alone it will boost up your mood. 

Materials required
1) Empty Bottle for making lamp body
2) A plastic box, big enough to house bottle and it serves as a lamp base and to house electronics
3) Aquarium stone, some aquarium pipes
4) RGB LED strip with controller and remote.
5) DC air pump motor that can run on 5v
6) Some miscellaneous wires and Micro USB port breakout board for supplying power.

Here is the flash of picture of Dynamic Lamp is action

As said I have painted the container with black paint just to avoid any light leakages else than that of a lamp diffuser tube made out of the plastic bottle as said before. 

How did I make one and what are the steps to follow is nicely filmed in my video on YouTube channel techtube360. I am embedding a video a below here in the description if you wish to take a look at it and make one by your own.

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